Vertigo | 2004-2006

Within the duality of physical and mental space exists a territory where our state of being is in suspension, where one experiences a feeling of “placeless-ness”. The individual is in a fragile state, on the threshold of transition.

This work attempts to formulate a visual vocabulary for the limbo-like environment at times referred to as a non-place. Using poetic forms to initiate dialogues of dilemma, I am striving to bring viewers into a state of meditative unbalance or calm vertigo. Throughout this process, I am mapping a terrain of “in-between” instants - where situations could possibly go either way, but one cannot help but feel trapped.

I bring viewers into visual metaphors for psychological states of indecision and hesitation including fear, risk and immobility. By expanding the momentary spatial blip of the delayed reaction into a vast terrain, I transform it into a prolonged durational experience. Emphasizing this moment of interruption, I am exploring the sensation when an individual finds themselves in their own internal world, or a psychological landscape.


Exhibited at the Bourget & FOFA Galleries
05/2005, 04/2006. Montréal

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