My idiot (head on the wall) | 2007

My idiot is a video performance where two women each walk into a separate frame and repeatedly bang their heads onto the facing wall. The action continues for over six minutes. On the right side: the performer’s gesture is mechanical and robotic. To the left: she is exhausted and in agony. Inspired by suicidal tendencies of the Philippine tarsier, a primate who (when in captivity, should they become depressed) ends its life in one of three ways: drowning itself in its water bowl, starving itself, or by banging its head on the wall until it drops dead.

My idiot is a 2-channel video installation displayed on two walls that are built out of a corner of the gallery space. As a structure, the protruding corner provides a venue for the two projected images which communicate with one another through tempo and intensity.


Exhibited at

La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse
Oct. 2007, Montréal

Hart House, University of Toronto. Part of SCOTIABANK NUIT BLANCHE
Oct. 2009, Toronto


View video excerpts

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