The Conservatory | 2005

“The Conservatory” is a short documentary produced during the summer of 2005. It is a glimpse into the lives of retired couple Janet & Ricardo who have recently moved from a bungalow in the suburbs of Montreal, to a one-bedroom apartment in an 11-floor condominium complex in Ottawa, Ontario. I initially developed an interest in the building because of the many services that are offered within it: a library, tuck shop, doctor’s office, gym, sauna, and game room. These amenities help to promote the complex as a safe, self-contained residence for retirees. But as the project grew, it was not so much about the oddness of the place where Janet & Ricardo live, as it was about their relationship to one another, their thoughts on growing older together, and what a few days in their life is like.


Exhibited at Galleri Rotor
Oct. 2005, Gothenburg, Sweden


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