You have the sun, I have the moon
(Satellite I-VIII)
, from the series Containing the Divine | 2012

Containing the Divine is a project that I began to research while on a residency at the Banff Centre. During this time, a story was revealed to me concerning the solitude of the mountains. The Blackfoot tribe believed that the Rocky Mountains had internal mirrors, and therefore forced a person to see oneself, confront certain difficulties, and restore oneself. Belief in the numinous, regenerative force that landscapes possess awakened me to the power of nature in a spiritual sense. One not quite religious, but more strange - a strangeness representative of a “quality of otherness surpassing human understanding." 1

Accentuating the spectacular essence of nature, and the thin, fragile line that humanity faces when confronted with these forces, I am drawn to experience the ‘silent beauty’ of the landscape. Commonly labelled as spiritual or magical experiences, the subtle energies of wilderness draw me to locations where I can explore creating form for the intangible, and language for the inexpressible.

Placing organic material directly onto the surface of light-sensitive paper, the series of photograms I Have the Sun, You Have the Moon (Satellite I-VIII) marks a return to black & white fibre-based printing. Working principally with masses of smoke-like fruit clusters with hairy stalks, I am constructing my own imagined ethereal landscapes. These unique prints form an 8-panel grid measuring roughly seven feet wide by four feet high.


Exhibited at

Galerie Trois Points
January 2013, Montréal, Québec


1 Gatta, John. Making Nature Sacred. New York: Oxford University Press, 2004. P.245



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